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With us, you’ll pay only for actual responses from your survey respondents.

Panel sample - with representative sample or special population

Panel survey - NIS 0.5 per question for the respondent


10 questions based on a sample of 300 respondents

The calculation: 0.5 for the respondent × 300 respondents × 10 questions = 1,320 NIS

Your audience poll

Survey of recipients list - 5 cents per recipient (regardless of the final number of respondents).


A list of 1000 recipients

The calculation: 0.05 per recipient × 1000 records = 50 NIS

Self-distribution poll

Sharing the survey on the media and social networks is free (For any quantity of respondents)


1000 respondents answering10 questions

The calculation: 0 per respondent * 1000 respondents = 0 NIS